your memories, elevated.

Here's to the moment your happily ever after began, where time stood still, and love wrote its first chapter on the pages of your story. Each photograph whispers the elegance of that beginning, a tale spun in threads of romance and captured in frames that are not just moments frozen but treasures adorned with a touch of magic.

Let every glance at these images transport you back to the inception of forever. Cheers to reliving your memories, one frame at a time.



Dive into a world where love stories unfold in every frame, from the ecstatic "YES!" to the first kiss or the life-changing two little pink lines. Consider me your go-to third-wheel, your hype girl, and the one who'll freeze these magical moments into affordable luxuries -- images that embodies clean, sophisticated vibes and a touch of timeless elegance. Think of it as an editorial for your life's most extraordinary moments, where capturing your story becomes an art form that's as effortlessly luxe as slipping into your favorite pair of jeans yet as unforgettable as a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Because your love deserves to be showcased with a touch of charm and a dash of pixie-dust. Welcome to the world where your memories are the real VIPs.

capturing your memories as though they were my own


I value loving all people.

Regardless of your race, gender, ability, religion, or sexual orientation, know that you are always welcome here. This inclusive philosophy extends to your loved ones as well.

I value making you feel confident and comfortable.

I will guide you in a way that feels natural and triggers real emotion.

I value paying attention to the little things.

Whether that's the things that make your story unique or just a misplaced hair that needs fixing.

I value capturing your memories as though they are my own.

I genuinely care about you and making sure you are able to relive what you felt when looking back at your photos.

I value timeless editing.

My style incorporates my love for fashion by emulating the clean, true-to-life tones with a nostalgic softness.

I value not taking life too seriously.

Try not to get too caught up in the perfect photos. Sometimes the most beautiful moments I capture come from the messy, imperfect ones.

I value investing time and effort to ensure that every aspect of my work is exceptional.

From capturing the perfect shot to meticulously editing the final product, I never compromise on quality. Taking the time to get it right is essential for creating photos that truly resonate with my clients and stand the test of time. That is why my turnaround time is between 6-10 weeks for sessions and 12-14 weeks for weddings.

I value simplicity and convenience.

I deliver all your images through an easy-to-navigate online gallery. You will be able to download, share and even choose to purchase products through my online store.


Couples + Weddings

I aim to capture your love story in a way that's both stylish and relaxed. I'll guide you through natural poses, with a bit of editorial flair, that show off your connection and create art that that matches your vibe. The goal is to create an emotional visual narrative that tells your story in a unique and authentic way. When we meet up, just be yourselves, let loose and have a good time with each other - I'll be there to capture all the magic as it happens!


New Baby

Maternity and newborn photos are so special -- they capture the pure joy and beauty of new beginnings, filled with endless love and anticipation. As a photographer, my goal is is to capture those fleeting moments while creating timeless art. With a gentle and compassionate approach, I aim to make each session a safe and comfortable space, where parents can relax and be themselves.



When it comes to family sessions, I focus on capturing all those real and raw moments that make your connection so special. I take a candid, documentary approach to allow your kids to just be themselves and have fun. I'll help guide you all in a way that brings out the genuine bond you share - from those messy, bear hugs to the little quirks that make your family unique.



With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating stunning images, I strive to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, so we can create images that truly represent you. In the studio, we'll work together to create portraits that are bold and luxurious. Outdoors, we'll play with the natural light and surroundings. Let's create something amazing together.

Kind Words


Kristara was so wonderful to work with. She should absolutely be the go to photographer for anyone wanting to capture a special moment or an every day one. Her ability to make my family feel calm and natural during our session was amazing. She offered a ton of guidance throughout, so we never once felt like we didn’t know what to do. Hire her. You will not regret the experience and once you see the photos…you’ll be in love.

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